In the first part of the tutorial on using Axis surveillance cameras for home security, the initial physical setup and configuration of network share for recording destination was shown. This part of the tutorial will cover monitoring the camera over the Internet, detection and events, and notifications. Step 5: Configure NAT for remote viewing over […]

These powerful surveillance cameras have a web-based configuration interface allowing the administrator to set recording storage location and quality, UPnP NAT traversal or SOCKS for remote access, motion detection, event triggers and notifications, custom applications through the SDK, and different user roles. Some of these features are covered in this post.

Tested here for review is a product from Permatex. You’ll probably know them from their adhesives and threadlocking compounds. The product used in this blog post is their inexpensive Vinyl & Leather Repair Kit which is readily available. The seating material on this cheap chair was subject to lateral forces due to its design as […]

2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee that was experiencing battery issues also started experiencing a strange rear right turn signal issue. Battery was replaced and did not fix turn signal issue that manifested as follows: When headlight stalk is set to “auto” during night time, the right turn signal blinker would tick rapidly and the rear turn […]

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